The psychological definition of compassion is “a response that occurs only when the situation is perceived as serious, unjust and relatable. It requires a certain level of awareness, concern and empathy.”

With COVID-19 coming to a close and the trauma that we have ALL endured, compassion is necessary now. But, what does that mean???

It means taking a breath when someone complains about COVID (in either direction). It means listening and not judging. It means taking space for yourself when you are stressed. It means putting up boundaries in a kind manner. It means being responsive to others in a timely manner and respectful to them. It means being purposefully thoughtful and quiet sometimes.

I also want to take this post to personally apologize to the patients who have been on our waitlist during COVID. Please know that our staff have been working themselves on a daily basis to get you all in and have sacrificed their own self-care many times to help. However, this year has been very tough for us as a practice and honestly, overwhelming at times. We appreciate and care about you all as our patients, and words cannot express how we have appreciated your patience and understanding. We wanted to make sure to let you know we recognize that and are so very grateful to provide services in such a warm and loving community.

All our best,

WACCH staff and Dr. Kaplan