The cost of out-of-network CBT vs. seeing someone in your insurance network

Only 12% of the mental health profession is well-versed in true evidence-based treatments for anxiety and depression, and this percentage gets even smaller when specializing in children and adolescents. Most providers who specialize in this type of treatment have received years and years of extra training and experience to provide top of the line services. However, because of this, there are few and far between that accept insurance; most are out-of-network providers.

Don’t let this deter you from getting the right services. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (evidence-based treatment for anxiety and depression and children and adults) takes approximately 3-6 months (costing approximately $3500-$7000).
  2. Patients who see “generalists” (not specialized in evidence-based treatments for anxiety/depression/behavioral disorders) usually end up spending approximately the SAME amount, but take 3-5 years to complete treatment (as a side note, we see a lot of those patients in our practice when the “generalized” approach does not work).
  3. Due to the paucity of providers, especially those in network, patients stand a higher chance of a good rate of reimbursement from their insurance companies (in our practice it is roughly 60-90% per session)–pretty darn great, but make sure to check with your own plan and insurance provider.
  4. You can use services that do the billing for you (send receipts to insurance companies).  I like this page for tips and tricks:

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