The “How-to’s” of finding the right fit for mental health treatment:

The How-to’s of finding the right fit for mental health treatment:

  1. Do your research. Google can be our worst and best friend, depending on how you use it. Our recommendation is to type in “evidence-based treatment for ____ (whatever symptoms you are suffering from).”
  2. Use or  (their “therapist finder”) to find the right therapist for anxiety and/or depression.
  3. When to use Psychology today listserv (
    1. We recommend using this site when you need to find someone in your local area and/or someone who takes your insurance
    2. We do not recommend using this site when you are looking for a mental health provider who has a specialty. There seems to be little oversight in regards to whether clinicians actually have the specialties they report on the website. ALWAYS check in with your future clinical about their experience in the area you which to get treatment in.
  4. If you need medication services:
    1. For lower-level severity cases you can use your Primary Care Physician or Pediatrician for your child.
    2. If you have more than one diagnosis, you are on the more moderate-severe end, or a complicated case, we recommended seeing an actual Psychiatrist.
      1. TIP: Psychiatrists in-network with insurances tend to have longer wait lists than those seen out of network.